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Top facts about Zika Virus

Another contagious virus has struck the world. This time, it is Zika. Zika is a vector-borne virus carried by mosquito & humans but spread by mosquito bites. This virus has acquired its name from the Zika forests in Uganda where the Zika...

Top 5 Yoga Schools in India

According to Hindu Mythology, the ultimate goal of Yoga is moksha. Yoga is one of the way forward for those people who are looking to maintain a balance between mind and body. It is a tested technique and most of the...

Top 10 Hospitals in Dehradun

Dehradun has some of the world class hospitals with sophisticated equipment and trained medical staff to deal with all kind of medical emergencies. There are many Multispecialty Hospitals which serve people for their fast recovery in the capital city of Uttrakhand....

Top 10 Countries with Highest AIDS Patients

HIV is transmitted primarily via unprotected sexual intercourse (including anal and oral sex), contaminated blood transfusions, hypodermic needles, and from mother to child during pregnancy, delivery, or breastfeeding. This is the list of countries which have highest number of people suffering from AIDS.

Top 10 Countries by highest AIDS Prevalence rate

Africa leads the world with respect to both HIV prevalence and total number of cases, with more than 24.5 million cases comprising more than 60% of the world’s HIV-positive people. The 19 countries worldwide with the highest prevalence of reported infections are all in Africa.

Suicide tourism in Switzerland

Suicide tourism is a form of tourism associated with the pro-euthanasia movement which organizes trips for potential suicide candidates in the few places where euthanasia is permitted, in the hopes of encouraging the decriminalization of the practice in other parts of the world.

Switzerland is a preferred destination for suicide tourism as the law of the land allows assisted suicides.
Dignitas is a Swiss group, helping those with terminal illness and severe physical and mental illnesses to die, assisted by qualified doctors and nurses.
Following countries make the most of suicide tourists to Switzerland.

10 Countries affected from Ebola Virus

An epidemic of Ebola virus disease (EVD) is ongoing in West Africa. The outbreak began in Guinea in December 2013, but was not detected until March 2014, after which it spread to Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria. The outbreak is caused by the Zaire ebolavirus, known simply as the Ebola virus (EBOV). It is the most severe outbreak of Ebola in terms of the number of human cases and deaths since the discovery of the virus in 1976, with the number of cases from the current outbreak now outnumbering the combined cases from all known previous outbreaks.

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